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A new version of DRAINS has been released:

v2023.11.8718.30178 – 15 November 2023

  • Added ability to create a temporary Pit size and display a warning if no Pit size has been detected for a Pit family
  • Enabled Double-Click to edit or open a property sheet
  • Added Copy, Clear and Cancel buttons to the Pit Inflow Hydrograph
  • Added X, Y coordinates to Drainage Pit Properties Page
  • Fixed Rainfall Multiplier issue when pasting from a spreadsheet
  • Fixed Run Analysis Error Messages not being displayed
  • Fixed opening of older template files
  • Fixed possible race condition in a Detention Basin Dialog
  • Enhanced the Overflow Route velocity and HGL long section
  • Prevented Outlet Node Dialog from closing after setting Water Level for Storm Events
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Updated and improved XML data exchange workflow for Civil Site Design (CSD), including Safe Pond Depth & IL/CL Loss model
  • Updated IL/CL Catchment import/export parameters with spreadsheet
  • Updated pre-run checks for a parabolic weir
  • Removed Project Options Custom Time Step minimum value check
  • Added Project Options Custom Calculation Time Step must be greater than zero check and message
  • Added error detection when drawing background
  • Changing Pipe Type sets default Pipe Roughness option in Pipe Dialog
  • Removed Climate Change Rainfall Multiplier Limit from Project Options
  • Updated Catchment Time of Concentration in Balloon Help
  • Updated backend interface for Infiltration page of Detention Basin Dialog
  • Minor GUI and syntax changes