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Earn 40% credit towards a new or upgraded DRAINS licence when you attend any DRAINS In-Person Workshop.


Sydney: 6-8 Aug 2024
Brisbane: 3-5 Sep 2024
Melbourne: 22-24 Oct 2024
Sydney: 26-28 Nov 2024
Adelaide: Feb/March 2025
Perth: Feb/March 2025

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We design, develop and support Australia's leading modelling and analysis software for stormwater and drainage systems.

Australian-owned and operated since 1998.

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DRAINS: Australia's leading Stormwater Drainage System design and analysis software.

Developed and supported locally, DRAINS is Australia’s most trusted and widely-accepted modelling and analysis software for stormwater and drainage systems.

Celebrating over 25 years, DRAINS allows users to design and analyse stormwater drainage systems, produce summary graphs and tables, and create pipe long-section drawings.

DRAINS also incorporates the latest Australian Rainfall and Runoff (AR&R) guidelines.

  • Draw drainage system components such as sub-catchments, pits, pipes, detention basins, channels and overflow routes.
  • Use several available hydrological models recommended by the AR&R guidelines.
  • Solve the full unsteady flow equations in pipes, channels and overflow routes.

First software to incorporate AR&R Design Procedures & BOM 2016 IFDs (January 2017)


AR&R Compliant

First software to incorporate the new Australian Rainfall and Runoff (AR&R) design procedures.


Use IL-CL (the AR&R preferred model), Horton ILSAX, Rational & Extended Rational Method models, and a Storage Network Routing Module that includes RORB, RAFTS and WBNM.


Solve the full unsteady flow equations, which is useful for analysing complex surface flooding situations where storage or backwater effects occur in overflow routes, or when splitting surface flows in multiple directions.

DRAINS Versions

We offer multiple versions of DRAINS.

DRAINS Demo, DRAINS and DRAINS Viewer all include the Australian Rainfall and Runoffs’ (AR&R) Initial Loss – Continuing Loss (IL-CL), Horton (ILSAX) and Rational & Extended Rational Method hydrological models, and are capable of analysing AR&R temporal patterns and design procedures.

The Full Unsteady Hydraulic Model, Storage Network Routing Models (RORB, RAFTS & WBNM hydrological models) and the GIS Module are also included.

DRAINS Licensing

DRAINS is available in various licences and options.

Here are some things to consider when planning to purchase a new licence.

Explore LicensingView FAQs

Number of Links

Most licences are available in 5, 20, 50 or Unlimited Links.


Simple recurring payments. Select 30-Day or Annual Terms.

Perpetual Licence

Access DRAINS without a USB on registered devices.

USB Licence

Access DRAINS with a USB on any device of your choice.


Shared access between PCs via a Subscription or Perpetual Licence.

All Features

All new licences include the full suite of current DRAINS functionality.

Included Modules

Three additional modules are included with new DRAINS licences.

Storage Network Routing Module

The Storage Network Routing Module adds the RORB, RAFTS and WBNM storage routing hydrological models, useful when modelling large urban or rural sub-catchment areas where estimating the time of concentration with time area routing might be difficult.

DRAINS RAFTS does not rely on XP Rafts and is not affected by the discontinuation of XP Rafts by Innovyze.

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GIS Module

The GIS Module is useful where you need to interface with GIS systems that support ESRI shapefiles or Mapinfo MID/MIF files. This module allows transfer of data and results between DRAINS and GIS.

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Rational + Extended Rational Method Hydrological Module

The Rational + Extended Rational Method Hydrological Module adds the ability to model the rational method procedures with ARR87, ARR2019 and AS3500.3.

The Extended Rational Method allows users to produce hydrographs to improve detention basin analysis and utilise the full unsteady hydraulic model. This is achieved by including temporal patterns as part of the analysis and including the ability to model ensembles of storms from ARR2019.

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Maintenance & Support

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In-Person & Online Training

In-Person WorkshopsOnline Training

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