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DRAINS USB Licences will no longer be available for purchase after 31 August 2024. However, existing customers with active Maintenance will continue to be fully supported.

Our DRAINS USB Licences (Standalone and Network) are retiring soon. New USB Licences will no longer be available to purchase after 31 August 2024.

If you’re an existing customer with active Maintenance, rest assured that you will continue to be fully supported after this date. In practical terms, that means you will still be able to:

If the Maintenance program for your USB Licence has expired, you can learn more and review your next steps here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. For any additional questions or concerns, please contact us.

Why will new USB Licences no longer be available for purchase?

Sales of new USB Licences will be ending soon. This is to make way for our newly-released Perpetual Licences, which are available in both Standalone and Network Licences.

Perpetual Licences have significant benefits when compared to the older, traditional USB Licences:

  • More features – All current features and modules are included
  • More flexibility – Available in 20*, 50* and Unlimited Links
  • Lower upfront and ongoing costs
  • Easy device transfers
  • Less IT overhead
    • Automatic updates of licence files
    • No USB Dongle is required, which means there is no risk of damage or loss
    • For Perpetual Network Licences, no additional network software is required, including Local Area Network (LAN) servers or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Learn more about the new DRAINS Perpetual Licences and explore all DRAINS licensing options here.

How long will customers continue to be supported?

Customers with existing DRAINS USB Licences and active maintenance will continue to be fully supported. We understand that purchasing a USB Licence is an investment, so Watercom has no plans to discontinue support.

Continuing support is reliant on multiple factors, including some outside of Watercom’s control such as the continued availability of software drivers and supplier limitations.

Any changes to continued support for customers with existing USB Licences would not be taken lightly, and subject to the utmost planning and careful consideration.

For customers with an expired Maintenance Program, please review your options for renewing Maintenance or trading in to a new Subscription or Licence here.

Can I exchange or trade-in my existing USB Licence for a newer licence?

Yes. Customers have the option to exchange an existing USB Licence to receive one of the following at no additional cost:

  • Up to four Perpetual Standalone Licences, or
  • One Perpetual Network Licence

Learn more about our Exchange USB promotion here.

Can I replace a damaged USB Licence?

Yes, provided the USB has active maintenance. If maintenance is expired, a damaged USB Licence cannot be replaced. Learn more about an expired Maintenance Program here.

Damaged USBs with active maintenance that are returned to Watercom can be exchanged for one or more new Perpetual Licences, typically for no cost.

Alternatively, replacement USBs are available but will only be supplied for a full version of DRAINS. This means that a legacy version of DRAINS will first need to be upgraded to a full version.

  • Damaged USB Standalone Licences that are returned to Watercom and need to be replaced will be charged at $300+GST.
  • Damaged USB Network Licences that are returned to Watercom and need to be replaced will be charged at $1,000 +GST.
  • Replacement USBs will only be available until 30 June 2025.

What if I have lost the USB Licence?

The Licensee is responsible for taking out insurance against the loss, theft or disappearance of a USB Licence that may result in the situation that a USB Licence cannot be located. A new licence from our current licensing options will be required to continue accessing DRAINS.