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What is PIPES and PIPES++?

The PIPES program calculates flows and pressures in a pressure pipe network. Typical uses of PIPES include watermain design for subdivisions, fire mains, irrigation systems, cooling water systems, pipework and plumbing systems in buildings.

The PIPES++ program is an extended version of the PIPES program and is intended for analysis of larger town water supply systems where the user is interested in monitoring reservoir levels, pump operating times etc over an extended time period (e.g. 24 hours) with system demands varying with time. It also includes water quality simulation which can be used to predict how chlorine and fluoride concentrations vary with time throughout the network.

The demo version of these programs is limited to a maximum of 5 pipes. There is no limit to the size of network which the full programs will analyse.

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Download PIPES User Manual
Download PIPES++ User Manual

How can I try a demo?

How do I update my existing installation?

You can download the PIPES program to update an existing installation. You will need a password to do so. PIPES requires Windows (Windows 98 through to Windows 10). After downloading, run the file Pipes_SEF.exe to install the program.