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This month marks two years for me as CEO of Watercom, and I am enthusiastic about our accomplishments and the solid groundwork we have established.

Benjamin Kus, CEO of Watercom

Dr Benjamin Kus, CEO of Watercom

Since 2022, we have strengthened our capabilities by integrating new expertise into our leadership team, expanding our operational workforce, and increasing our software development capacity fourfold.

This has enabled our advancements in the following key areas:

Incorporating Customer Feedback

In the 2023 Watercom Annual Survey, we sought feedback regarding the functional efficacy of DRAINS, areas of concern, and opportunities for enhancement, which yielded a significant volume of responses.

Presently, we are integrating these insights in conjunction with ongoing feedback to enhance the future of DRAINS.

 New Collaborations & Industry Involvement

We have engaged with multiple universities to guide the next generation of engineers by developing and delivering undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as contributing to research projects.

Additionally, we have deepened our commitment to ensuring DRAINS remains at the forefront of integrated water management solutions by:

      • Establishing our first technical advisory and beta testing groups,
      • Continuing to collaborate and present at industry conferences, and
      • Forming partnerships with council and government authorities to streamline their development planning approvals processes.

Expanded Training

To enhance our popular DRAINS In-Person Workshops and Self-Paced Online Training, we have implemented additional delivery options tailored to meet customer demands, for instance Live Online Training and an unprecedented volume of Private Training sessions.

Furthermore, substantial enhancements have been made to our training resources, incorporating localised content and worked examples specific to each Australian state and territory.

Enhanced Customer Support

We have also intensified our efforts to simplify and streamline software support by launching a new support desk, with an integrated online knowledgebase coming soon.

In response to customer feedback, we also recently launched a DRAINS Model Consultation service to provide one-on-one modelling support with a senior qualified engineer for customers’ specific projects.

The Next Evolution of DRAINS

Finally, I am thrilled to announce the commencement of development on the most substantial evolution of DRAINS since its inception in 1998. This will encompass:

      • A brand new, modern-yet-familiar user interface
      • An overhaul of the DRAINS engine to enhance its computational capabilities, including the ability to support Integrated Water Management
      • A new cloud integration framework to enable cloud-connected services
      • An enhanced model-building workflow
      • A wider range of data exchange capabilities with other industry-standard software, and many other developments.

I cannot wait to share more about how we will continue to meet and exceed the evolving demands of our valued customers, while adhering to Watercom’s long-term vision of providing Integrated Water Management solutions including water quality modelling.

In addition to the advancements made in recent years, I take considerable pride in Watercom’s guiding principles.

Watercom stands as an independent, Australian-owned and operated company that is underpinned by its diverse and experienced local team. We are committed to supporting our community of users at every stage – from sales, training and product development to software support and beyond.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. I am so appreciative of what we have been able to build and achieve with your continuing support, and I am looking forward to the opportunities ahead.


Benjamin Kus Signature

Dr Benjamin Kus

Chief Executive Officer