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A new version of DRAINS has been released:

v2023.06.8567.18365 – 16 June 2023

  • Added ability to copy Version and Licence details to clipboard
  • Added ability to change the Simulation Run-Time Multiplier to extend the model run times
  • Added Detention Basin Infiltration Effective Ratio Multiplier for Floor and Wall Areas
  • Added Detention Basin Limit for the Minimum Perimeter
  • Added Sub-Catchment Pre-Run Checks
  • Added warning when ARR2019 Procedures are unchecked in Project Options
  • Added warning if duplicate shape labels are detected in a model
  • Improved Property Balloons for IL-CL Sub Catchment Data
  • Improved model loading when no Pipes are associated with a Pipe Type in the Pipe Database by displaying an error and creating a Default Pipe
  • Improved detection of duplicate Node Names (Outlet) via display of warning
  • Improved wall permeability calculations for circular tanks
  • Fixed Downstream Headwall from affecting Independent Upstream Node
  • Fixed Sub-Catchment issue when importing data via XML or GIS
  • Fixed potential WBNM crash with weir links
  • Fixed issue with Rational Hydraulics and Results
  • Fixed issue with Rational Method switching between ARR87 and ARR2019
  • Fixed potential crash in Rational Method
  • Fixed potential crash with QUDM chart 2-dimensional array lookup
  • Fixed issue when auto-launching DRAINS after selecting a .drn file with results in Microsoft Windows File Explorer
  • Updated Overflow Cross-Section Table Functionality
  • Removed ‘Fixed Pipe’ warning during Hydraulic Analysis for pipes attached to detention basins and head walls
  • Increased maximum Manning’s Roughness limit for RAFTS Hydrological model sub-catchments
  • Increased Storm Duration Limit to enable up to a 20-year continuous storm analysis in non-ARR procedures
  • Increased Minimum Manning’s Roughness
  • Reduced Sag Pit Volume Storage Limit
  • Refactored Overflow Route Cross-Section Database Window
  • Refactored Pipe Database and Error Messages
  • Refactored Project Options Window
  • Serialized upstream and downstream settings in the overflow cross-section page of an overflow
  • Changed Overflow Cross-Section Major, Minor Safe Depth or Width to only calculate the corresponding value
  • DRAINS Installer will now force-exit DRAINS if it’s already running
  • Other minor changes

A new minor version of DRAINS has been released:

2023.06.8578.17142 – 27 June 2023

  • Added warning when default hydrograph model has not been selected
  • Added Rainfall Multiplier to the GIS import / export of a sub-catchment custom storm
  • Fixed false positive Catchment percentage warning when using the Rational method
  • Fixed potential crash when viewing an Infiltration Hydrograph
  • Minor GUI and syntax changes