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A new version of DRAINS Viewer has been released:

2023.06.8570.19157 – 16 June 2023

DRAINS Viewer is free. It allows anyone to open DRAINS files and inspect the model structure, inputs and results. The Viewer operates in the same way as DRAINS, but does not allow models to be altered or run.

Download the new version now.



  • Added ability to copy Version and Licence details to clipboard
  • Added Detention Basin Infiltration Effective Ratio Multiplier for Floor and Wall Areas
  • Added warning when ARR2019 Procedures are unchecked in Project Options
  • Added warning if duplicate shape labels are detected in a model


  • Improved Property Balloons for IL-CL Sub Catchment Data
  • Improved model loading when no Pipes are associated with a Pipe Type in the Pipe Database by displaying an error and creating a Default Pipe
  • Improved detection of duplicate Node Names (Outlet) via display of warning


  • Fixed issue with Rational Hydraulics and Results
  • Fixed issue when auto-launching DRAINS after selecting a .drn file with results in Microsoft Windows File Explorer


  • Updated Overflow Cross-Section Table Functionality
  • Increased maximum Manning’s Roughness limit for RAFTS Hydrological model sub-catchments
  • Increased Storm Duration Limit to enable up to a 20-year continuous storm analysis in non-ARR procedures
  • Increased Minimum Manning’s Roughness
  • Reduced Sag Pit Volume Storage Limit
  • Refactored Overflow Route Cross-Section Database Window
  • Refactored Pipe Database and Error Messages
  • Refactored Project Options Window
  • Serialized upstream and downstream settings in the overflow cross-section page of an overflow
  • Changed Overflow Cross-Section Major, Minor Safe Depth or Width to only calculate the corresponding value
  • DRAINS Installer will now force-exit DRAINS if it’s already running
  • Other minor changes