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We’re excited to introduce our new format for DRAINS In-Person Training Workshops!

In response to customer feedback, we have:

  • Extended our traditional 2-Day Workshops to include a third day dedicated to advanced topics, like Urban Street Drainage and Complex On-Site Detention Systems.
  • Provided more flexible attendance options.
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Running for over 25 years, our DRAINS In-Person Training Workshops continue to be popular and well-received, with workshops regularly held across Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

And while feedback is consistently positive, customers often suggest that the traditional two-day format is insufficient to comfortably cover all training content.

We’ve now taken on board your feedback and have extended the Workshops to three days, instead of two. The additional third day will be dedicated to advanced topics like Urban Street Drainage and Complex On-Site Detention Systems.

This adjustment allows us to distribute training content more effectively across three days, and enhance the learning experience with sufficient time for hands-on examples, case studies, troubleshooting and questions.

Along with this, we have also added more flexibility to our Workshops with three new options for attendance.

New flexible options for DRAINS In-Person Training Workshops:

  1. [3 days] Attend the full DRAINS In-Person Workshop: Covers DRAINS Fundamentals, Urban Street Drainage and Complex On-Site Detention Systems
  2. [2 days] Attend DRAINS Fundamentals only: Provides broad coverage for new users or a detailed refresher for experienced users, or
  3. [1 day] Attend DRAINS Extension only: Offers a deep dive into Urban Street Drainage and Complex On-Site Detention Systems.

Our next In-Person Workshop will be held in Sydney in August 2024, or you can view the full schedule of upcoming workshops here. We also have a range of other training options available.

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