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Own a USB Licence?

Exchange it for FREE Perpetual Licences!

For a limited time, you can exchange a single USB Licence for up to FOUR Perpetual Standalone Licences or ONE Perpetual Network Licence at no additional cost.


Why should I exchange my USB Licence for a Perpetual Licence?

The new Perpetual Licences are fully-featured, more flexible, and have lower upfront costs and maintenance fees – plus they don’t require a USB Dongle. Licences are “software-locked” to registered devices.

  • More flexibility: Available in 20, 50 & Unlimited Links
  • Fully-featured: All current features are included
  • Lower upfront and ongoing costs
  • No USB required means there is no risk of damage or loss
  • Less IT overhead with automatic annual renewals

What is a USB Licence?

It’s a traditional licence where DRAINS is accessed with a USB Dongle. Learn more about licensing options here.

What is the new Perpetual Licence?

It is a Perpetual Licence with more features, more flexibility and lower upfront costs than a USB Licence. Available in both Standalone and Network, Perpetual Licences are “software-locked” to registered devices. Learn more about licensing options here.


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