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Notice: We are updating our DRAINS Maintenance Terms of Use. The update will apply to any DRAINS or DRAINS Lite USB licence which does not have an active Maintenance plan.

We’re committed to helping engineers design and analyse stormwater drainage systems in the most accurate and reliable way possible using our DRAINS software, which is why we release regular updates, features and fixes to DRAINS, and endeavour to keep all DRAINS users up to date and compliant with the latest data, rules and regulations.

To that end, from 30 June 2023, our DRAINS Maintenance policy is as follows:

  • DRAINS or DRAINS Lite USB licences which do not have an active Maintenance contract for a period of two or more years will no longer be eligible for renewal.
  • Instead, users will be able to trade in their USB dongle for credit towards a new DRAINS subscription licence. DRAINS subscription licences include all available DRAINS features and modules, as well as software updates and software support for the duration of the subscription.

Your continued use of DRAINS software after 30 June 2023 is your agreement to these updated terms and policies, contained within the DRAINS End-User Licence Agreement (EULA). If you have any questions, please contact us.

What do I need to do?

To continue receiving DRAINS updates and support, select from options 1 or 2:

Option 1: Renew Now

Renew your Maintenance contract for your DRAINS or DRAINS Lite USB Perpetual Licence(s).

An active Maintenance plan entitles you to receive free, regular software updates, new features and fixes, plus full, personalised software support for your DRAINS licences.

Renew Maintenance

Option 2: Trade in USB for a Subscription

For a limited time, trade in your DRAINS USB Dongle and receive credit towards an annual subscription to DRAINS, plus an exclusive discounted price.

A DRAINS subscription includes all available features and modules, as well as software updates and software support.

Trade In USB for Subscription

If you’re no longer interested in renewing your Maintenance, or there’s an alternative person for us to contact, please let us know here

Contact us or request a quote today to ensure your business can enjoy the full benefits of DRAINS.