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Thank you for downloading DRAINS Viewer!

The free DRAINS Viewer allows anyone to open DRAINS files and inspect the model structure and inputs. If a DRAINS .drn file contains stored results, these can also be viewed, and exported to spreadsheets. The Viewer operates in the same way as DRAINS, but does not allow models to be altered or run.

Download DRAINS Viewer ({{WP_OTFD_FILE_SIZE}})

The purpose of the DRAINS Viewer is to make checking or reviewing of DRAINS models easier, either within an organisation or between organisations, such as a consultant preparing a model and a Council reviewing this. The DRAINS Viewer can be freely distributed by DRAINS users to other organisations.

The DRAINS Viewer will need to be periodically updated when the DRAINS .drn format alters, otherwise it will not be able to view files created with the latest version of DRAINS.

Refer to the DRAINS Help System topic “DRAINS Viewer installation and operation” for more information.